Enrolment Process

Enrolment information for Aboriginal families seeking to enrol their child at our school:

For year 6 students moving into secondary school at year 7

Year 6 students who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander can enrol in year 7 using the Enter for Success strategy. The strategy gives Aboriginal students the opportunity to enrol and be accepted into any government school they choose the year before they start primary school, or secondary school through the Statewide Transition Process. There’s already a place available for your child at your local government secondary school, however, you can choose another secondary school including Warriappendi Secondary School.

Statewide Transition Process

Every year there is a Statewide Transition process for all year 6 students moving into government secondary schools for year 7. This transition process for families starts in term 2. For more information see register to start secondary school.

If your child is at a government school

  • Year 6 students at public primary schools will get application information from their school.
  • There is an online registration of interest form for public school families. You should receive a unique URL for your child via email or letter from your primary school around the beginning of term 2.
  • If you don’t have access to the internet, you can get a paper form from your primary school.
  • You can nominate Warriappendi Secondary School as a preference.

If your child is at a non-government school

  • Year 6 students at non-government schools who want to apply for our school can get application information from their local public secondary school, local education office, or by contacting education.startingsecondaryschool@sa.gov.au.
  • You can nominate Warriappendi Secondary School as a preference.

It is recommended you apply by the due date. If you miss the cut-off date for the statewide transition process, you can still enrol through the Enter for Success strategy by contacting Warriappendi Secondary School directly until the end of term 4, while your child is still in year 6.

For all other year levels

If your child is already enrolled in a secondary school but wants to move to Warriappendi Secondary School, you can apply at the school directly.

Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis if there are places available.

If there is no place available, your child will be put onto a waitlist. The school will contact you if a place becomes available.

If a place is available, your family may need to have an interview with the assistant principal. Your child may also be required to attend a trial to make sure that the school will be the best fit.

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