Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning at Warriapendi School


Warriappendi offers a range of junior secondary Australian Curriculum options including Science, Maths, English, Geography, History, Technology (Woodwork and Digital technologies), Art, History, Geography, Media, and Health and Physical Education. We also offer Aboriginal Studies and Horticulture.

Students can also participate in engaging and fun outdoor education activities including surfing, bushwalking and aquatics.

All subjects are tailored to individual needs, and we offer comprehensive testing and data analysis that ensures all students are not only challenged, but also receive individual 1 on 1 support for Literacy and Numeracy if required.

Our Instructional Model was created collaboratively with staff and outlines the teaching and learning that occurs during each lesson. This includes daily review to embed previously taught concepts, explicit teaching where the teacher introduces new learning, and time for independent or group learning, where the teacher undertakes targeted teaching. Reflection and sharing time is built into each lesson.

The model is underpinned by evidence-based, high impact teaching strategies (HITS) which are recognised as best practice for teachers to apply in order to improve student learning.